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In October of 2010 I purchased or "won" a gift card for $50.00.I paid for the card within a few days as well at the $6 plus for shipping and handling.

After 3 month went by, I had still not received my gift card. I called in and I was given one excuse after another. I was even told that the only way I could sprak to a "manager" was via chat (instant messagging). I was promised that I was receive my gift card very soon.

2 more months go by and again,I had not received the gift card nor a coutersy call from their office. It was not until I threatened to take legal action, contact the BBB, and exhaust all other remedies was I promised that my guft card would arrive within 2 weeks. 1 months later it was sent to me. Horrible customer service, Horrible business!!!!

Do not purchase "bids." The money that you spend on bidding on a item, even if only it for $1.50, is 3 x what it would cost you to but the product in the first place.

I spent $100 on bids for a $50 gift card and then had to pay another $6 for shipping and handling.Rip Off!!

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