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Back in March 2014, I won a bid on an item of 100 Bids pack. I tried to claim it but website kept giving me errors when filling out the form online to pay winning bid amount.

I tried every day to go in and pay for winning bid but kept getting same errors and winning 100 bids never posted to my account at all. I tried writing BidSauce about it but they never responded after several attempts. I tried to email them but also went without an answer.

Soon after April 2014, I noticed website went UNDER CONSTRUCTION and till this day has not become active at all. I still have also not received a response to my complaints and my time to claim the 100 bids also expired which means I wasted my time trying to collect a winning item I have placed bids on and won because of failure to communicate or fix the errors on the site by Bidsuace.

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